Session 1: Intro: Future-proofing your practice through modern comprehensive dentistry

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn the latest trends in dentistry and the importance of digital technology in the current landscape.
  2. Appreciate the benefits of digital dentistry on patient experience, practice growth and differentiation, outcome quality and workflow efficiencies.
  3. See how digital dentistry and workflow enable better comprehensive care for every patient and allow to easily integrate tooth movement
    in the practice offering.
  4. Grasp the impact of malocclusion on various aspects of oral health.
  5. Realize the benefits of malocclusion diagnosis and treatment on comprehensive patient care, including prevention and risk mitigation.

Featured Presenters in this Session:

Christian Coachman:
Role of digital in dentistry

Ben Miraglia:
Malocclusion as key cause for oral health issue
Session 2: Tooth movement as part of comprehensive care

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn the fundamentals of biomechanics behind aligner orthodontics.
  2. Recognize the benefits of integrating tooth movement in everyday patient care.
  3. Learn how:
      - Pre-restorative tooth movement enables more minimally invasive treatment, better aesthetics and longer lasting restorations.
      - Pre-prosthetic tooth movement improves implant surgical planning, space redistribution and implant seating, and overall prosthodontic outcomes.
  4. Realize the:
      - Impact malocclusion has on airway and how tooth alignment can alleviate sleep disordered breathing issues.
      - Impact and benefits of tooth alignment on periodontal condition.
      - Role of malocclusion on functional and temporomandibular diseases.

Featured Presenters in this Session:

John Morton:
Biomechanics in Tooth Movement

Brian LeSage:
Tooth movement and Restorative

Perry Jones:
Tooth movement and Prosthodontics

Ben Miraglia:
Tooth movement and Airway

Mark Hodge:
Tooth movement and Function / TMD
Session 3: Digital workflow integration: Practice impact and benefits

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn which aspects of dentistry are Complemented and transformed by digital solutions.
  2. See the value of the different elements of the digital workflow
  3. Appreciate how iTero intraoral scanner and Invisalign clear aligners fit into the digital workflow.
  4. Learn the benefits of integrating intraoral scanner and clear aligner therapy into the practice.

Featured Presenters in this Session:

Rafi Romano:
Practice workflow in the digital era

Bret Jacobson:
iTero intraoral scanner introduction and features.

Nancy Ward:
Invisalign clear aligners introduction and benefits.

David Galler:
Transitioning to a comprehensive practice through integration of intraoral scanner and clear aligner therapy.

Session 4: Comprehensive treatment planning approaches.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Appreciate the benefits of facially driven interdisciplinary treatment planning.
  2. Learn effective treatment planning, techniques, and options to implement the digital workflow in everyday practice.

Featured Presenters in this Session:

Christian Coachman:
Comprehensive treatment planning approaches

Session 5: How to implement in your practice: Record and Diagnose.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Realize how everyday scanning improves the practice workflow and enables a more efficient patient data collection.
  2. Value how everyday scanning enables an optimal office hygiene protocol.
  3. Learn how to leverage on iTero intraoral scanner’s Occlusogram and TimeLapse tools to enhance patient diagnosis and communication.

Featured Presenters in this Session:

Ljiljana Hinton:
Uncovering the Benefits Digital Scanning Provides for Patient and Practice.

Bret Jacobson:
Malocclusion diagnosis with iTero
Session 6: How to implement in your practice: Educate

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn how to design effective strategies that increase comprehensive case acceptance.
  2. Learn how to leverage visualization and simulation techniques to better educate the patient on the ideal treatment plan
  3. Learn how to efficiently integrate tooth movement in the consultation
  4. Learn how digital tools can help to increase case acceptance for orthodontic and restorative procedures

Featured Presenters in this Session:

Ben Miraglia:
Integrating ortho in the consultation

Jeff Chustckie:
Consultation strategies for case acceptance

Lou Graham:
Digital tools for patient education on restorative procedures

Session 7: How to integrate in your practice: Treat

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn the fundamentals of clear aligner therapy treatment planning.
  2. Learn how to treatment plan with stability, function, ethics, and proper case assessments as key principles.
  3. Recognize the different phases of the orthodontic treatment from diagnosis to monitoring.
  4. Experience how to leverage Invisalign clear aligner therapy and iTero intraoral scanning on combined ortho-restorative cases.
  5. Value the benefits of digital scanning for the restorative practice: lab interaction and CAD/CAM

Featured Presenters in this Session:

Raman Aulakh:
Treatment planning principles with comprehensive approach in mind

Andrea Agnini:
Using iTero for restorative purposes

Session 8: The Orthodontic treatment: Tips and tricks for achieving the desired outcome confidently.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Distinguish how to effectively diagnose malocclusion and decide the best treatment planning approach to correct it.
  2. Learn several tips and tricks for effective treatment planning and outcomes with Invisalign clear aligners.

Featured Presenters in this Session:

Eddy Sauer:
Malocclusion diagnosis: tips and tricks

Kathryn Delfs:
Comprehensive case planning with Invisalign

David Galler:
Making Invisalign easy: few tips

Session 9: Interdisciplinary treatments: combining orthodontic, restorative and periodontal procedures for optimal comprehensive patient treatment.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn the benefits of pre-restorative tooth movement, by delving deep on the conditions where it enables a more conservative, stable and aesthetic outcome
  2. Appreciate how pre-restorative tooth movement allows for an easier restorative approach
  3. Learn the Align, Bleach, Bond principle and its benefits against a restorative only approach
  4. See suggestions and considerations on ortho treatment planning with Invisalign clear aligners to achieve the best restorative results.
  5. Learn how pre-restorative tooth movement enables more minimally invasive treatment, better aesthetics and longer lasting restorations
  6. Learn how Invisalign clear aligners integrate with DSD principles and enhance the smile design approach

Featured Presenters in this Session:

Nancy Ward:
Tooth movement and Periodontics

Monik Vasant:
Making difficult restorative cases easy with tooth movement: few examples

Perry Jones:
Case Review of Combination Cases with tooth movement and prosthodontics

Ryan Tse:
Digital Smile Design: facially driven interdisciplinary cases

Session 10: Additional benefits of digital dentistry and clear aligner therapy.

Learning Objectives:

  1. See the benefits of digital dentistry for the lab workflow, in particular in terms of efficiency, precision, and communication.
  2. Learn how integrating a digital workflow and clear aligner therapy offering impacts the dental practice team dynamics.
  3. Learn to effectively integrate Invisalign and iTero in your practice and create an effective team culture.

Featured Presenters in this Session:

Jamie Stover:
Benefits of intraoral scanning and pre-restorative tooth movement for the restorative lab.

Barry Buckley:
The Consultation Process

Steven Liao:
A step-by-step guide to growing your Invisalign practice.

Ken Pyle:
Team dynamics and practice integration